Worker opening lid on sewer drain

Mission Statement

We at Tangipahoa Parish Sewer District No.1 strive to provide cost-effective, reliable, and high-quality wastewater services to the residents of Tangipahoa Parish. We are committed to operating and maintaining our facilities economically and safely, protecting public health and the environment.

Our legacy

The History of TPSD No. 1

TPSD No. 1 was created in accordance with Louisiana Revised Statute 33:3811 in order to provide community sewage services to unincorporated areas of the parish. Our service area encompasses the entire parish, excluding municipalities, with the most customers located south of Tickfaw and Ponchatoula.

TPSD No.1 Was Created

In 1985, the Tangipahoa Parish Council enacted ordinance 85-5, establishing a Sewerage District.

First Board Members Appointed

The original Board Members were Richard Macalusa, Doretha Alford, Donald Larson, Harold Hodges, and Louis Hoover.

New Infrastructure Built

Upgrades included the completion of a new treatment plant serving the SE Hammond area, expansion of the Bedico treatment plant along, and extended services from I-12 South in Robert along Hwy 445 and east on Hwy 22 to the St. Tammany Parish line.

Sewerage District Expanded

TPSD contains 6 regional wastewater treatment facilities and 24 smaller treatment plants, along with 100 lift stations.

TPSD No. 1 In The Present

We continue to collect and treat wastewater, proudly serving more than 6,000 residents across the parish.